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Some socioeconomic trends in the Twentieth Century have led to a great many of our children into preschools even before they Complete three years of age. Preschool experience leaves indelible impressions on the child’s mind. Reactions of these impressions are perceivable in the manifested behavior of people even in their adulthood. Considering the value of these first impressions, an educationist cannot overlook the importance of providing wholesome preschool education to a child to ensure sound physical and mental health in him so that he can pursue primary, middle and high school education in a seeking, positive mind set.

Our Institution advocates the use of curriculum that development ally based and nourished by play. The activities encourage the children to become self-reliant and creative. It covers all the aspects of basic learning. Learning by Doing is the mode through which the activities are exploited. The pleasurable learning hours make the experience memorable and the skills easy to imbibe.

The Principal's
Neerja Saxena
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